Record of Achievement Day 2015

25th June 2015

On Thursday 25 June we said farewell to Year 11 by celebrating their achievements in our Record of Achievement Ceremony. Year 11 were joined by a number of guests, Associate Governor Miles Toulson Clarke, Williams Lea Mentors, our previous Deputy Heads Beryl Grosvenor and Trish McNamara, Nicola Baboneau from Hackney Parochial Charities, as well as many proud parents, carers and family members. Below is a summary of the award winners.


Godswill received The Williams Lea Trophy for excellent participation in the Mentoring and Work Experience Programmes. Terrence completed a very successful external work experience at TAG, a branch of Williams Lea Ltd. He received a glowing report praising his willingness to adapt and learn new ICT skills, he completed all tasks to a very high standard. Terrence showed a level of maturity and independence that is to be commended.


Bella was awarded The Edward Miles Trophy for making exceptional progress in Information Communication Technology. Bella has made a fantastic level of progress over the past two years which has enabled her to move forward in her ICT coursework.


The Queen Elizabeth Trophy is awarded in memory of our close association with the Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital School, for sustained achievement through personal endeavour. This year’s winner was Robert who has had to overcome a number of personal challenges through determination and sustained hard work. Robert has focussed on his education and learning and has aimed for success in times of great distress.


Raheem & Jamie received The Stephen Ryder Trophy which is awarded to the pupil who has made consistent positive contributions to the school community. Natalie won the award by quietly and modestly working hard both inside and outside the classroom. She has been a valued member of the School Council for two years.


Connorreceived The Grosvenor Award which is awarded for remarkable achievement and passionate commitment to a particular area or areas of learning. John received the award for his commitment to his education. His positive and hardworking attitude in every subject area was outstanding.


Nikita was awarded The Whitfield Award which is in memory of Ms Jecca Whitfield and is for exceptional progress in art and design. Brandon has made excellent progress in Art over the past 2 years. He is to be commended for nurturing and developing his artistic talents through sustained effort and hard work.


Shaquille was awarded The Olympic Legacy Trophy which is awarded for phenomenal sporting achievement. He received the award for outstanding performance in a range of sporting events over the past two years . George has taken part as a member of the school squad in a number of London Youth Games competitions. He always tried his hardest in every competition.