Prickly Wire Spinny Nail Exhibition

16th June 2017

The final show to exhibit six weeks’ worth of work with Stormont House art students and local artist Sam Ayre took place on Thursday 8 June. Work was created in a variety of different materials in response to the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery. Students had the opportunity to draw, collage, weave, print, use junk, clay and wax to respond to Paolozzi’s work and the theme of man and machine. The work was then displayed in a collaborative sculpture, ‘An obelisk of ideas, actions and conversations’. Students got to name their show and help plan and select the work to be represented in the exhibition.

The students work was exhibited at The Whitechapel Gallery and parents, family and friends were invited to see the creativity and skill of the student’s work. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening and students were rightly proud of their work and excited by the opportunity to exhibit in one of the most famous galleries in London. Well done