Poetry in the Park

4th November 2016

On Wednesday 2nd November 9C spent a creative morning in Hyde Park, learning how to use the colours, sounds and scents of Autumn to create poetry. The weather was glorious and the sun was glinting off the Serpentine, making the water sparkle like diamonds. The workshop was led by Alison and Nell from the Royal Parks Education Centre, in a smart new Eco friendly building. The students  thought about the changing seasons and the signs of Autumn which they  could sense all round them. As soon as they got outside, they collected conkers, acorns and sweet chestnuts. The students threw brown and crunchy leaves up in the air, walked on a bed of golden yellow leaves, and noticed how the sycamore seeds “helicopter “to the ground.

9C made their own collection of descriptive words and wrote these in the outline of a leaf, which they had traced. While listening to some poetry by Michael Rosen, a small group of curious geese crept up behind them and sat down near to Katie, very quietly, to her obvious delight.

After the workshop, 9C enjoyed  a picnic lunch  sitting on the grass. It was an inspiring trip, the Education Centre staff were very impressed by the manners of the students in  9C. Miss Cross and Mr Ramphul were delighted with the exemplary behaviour and excellent participation shown by all of the students, in the poetry activities as well as on the journey to and from the park.