Personal and Social Development

The Edexcel qualification in Personal and Social Development allows students the opportunity to learn the knowledge, practical skills and techniques needed for work preparation, personal and social development. Students will continue to develop skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and how to be an active, responsible citizen. Students will gain confidence and self-esteem needed to progress to independent living, employment and further education.

In year 10, students prepare for internal work experience placements, being introduced to the expectations of the workplace and related skills. Students are supported by the Williams Lea Mentoring Programme.

During year 11, students build upon these skills gained from their internal work experience and from the Williams Lea Mentors and are given the opportunity to access an external work experience placement where appropriate. This placement will last for two weeks, but where appropriate some students may only complete a week, shorter days or a number of days over a number of weeks.  

Students work towards some of the below units to create a portfolio of work that is marked externally:

  • Working as Part of a Group

  • Preparation for Work

  • Managing Risk

  • A London Identity

  • Individual Rights and Responsibilities

  • Managing Own Money

  • Healthy Living