Performance Data- How well do students do?

Our ultimate objectives for our students are for them to

  1. make greater progress with their learning, emotional and social development than they would anywhere else, and for that progress to be indistinguishable from non-disadvantaged peers with similar starting points
  2. have full lives, making increasingly meaningful choices about their futures, and control of their support[1]
  3. be fully ready for the next stage of education, employment, or training, gaining qualifications that allow them to go on to destinations that meet their interests, aspirations, and the intention of their course of study[2].

Ambitious Flightpath Progress in English and Maths

In line with the above objectives, we aim for them to make ‘ambitious flightpath’ progress from their starting points in English and Maths so they can pass challenging accreditation that will allow them to progress successfully to destinations in line with their interests and ambitions.

Following changes to GCSE and Functional Skills exams, we again peer reviewed these flightpaths with another outstanding special school with similar students. It’s an ambitious flightpath, rather than expected flightpath i.e., students achieving this ambitious flightpath are learning at a faster rate and are exceeding national trends

 For the 2022 Cohort:-

  • A very large majority for students (English 90%, maths 95%) continued to learn more rapidly than national trends, achieving or exceeding ambitious flightpaths from their starting points on arrival
  • A large proportion of students (English 45%, maths 35%) made even more rapid progress than their ambitious flightpath. This means learning more rapidly than they did in primary school
  • Students were able to evidence this learning under the pressure of exam conditions rather than in their classwork
  • In English 10% (2 students) and maths 5% (1 student) achieved less than our ambitious flightpath and made progress more in line with national trends

Please download the document below to see graphics explaining this more clearly

Key Stage 4 Accredited Outcomes 2022

The DFE recommends not making direct comparisons with data from previous years or between schools or colleges because of the uneven impact of the pandemic leading to very different GCSE assessment arrangements.  However, for Functional Skills and vocational qualifications, the evidence required was substantially the same, and the progress in these tables was achieved despite the impact of the pandemic.

The curriculum and accreditation offer remained broad to all students.  Levelled accreditation courses were offered in 9 subject areas. There was a 96% pass rate in these 9 areas ranging from Entry level to Level 2. All students also passed short unlevelled courses in Beliefs & Values, History and Geography.

For further information, please download the documents below:

  • Performance Data- How well do students do?
  • Key Stage 4 Outcomes Across All Subjects 2022
  • 2022 Key Stage 4 Outcomes by Student


Statutory Website information

Our students pass accreditation in a very wide range of subjects, but only a few of these passes are at GCSE. In fact, the DFE ‘discounts’ the large majority of of our students’ success when it comes to its performance tables.

Even though we’re a special school, we need to provide a link to the secondary exam performance tables, which shows that no students achieved a grade 5 or above in English and maths, or entered the English Baccalaureate (EBacc APS=0)

% of pupils staying in education or going into employment after KS4 


Progress 8 score 


Attainment 8 score 



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[2] Adapted from ‘Impact’ in the Education Inspection Framework