Patricia Fraser - Stormont House School Cook - Retiring After 33 Years Service

11th December 2015

Pat has been working at Stormont House School since April 1997, she started her career as a general kitchen assistant at Cardinal Pole School in November 1982 with ILEA (Inner London Education Authority). She worked at Cardinal Pole until 1989 when she decided to train to be an assistant cook, she became an assistant cook at Sir Thomas Abney Primary School in March 1990, in October of the same year she was made lead cook at the school. Then in 1997 we were very lucky that Pat was made Head Cook at Stormont House School.


Pat has seen many changes at Stormont House School, when she first started the students were only provided with a school lunch, but in the last ten years we have also provided breakfast. Pat has catered for approximately 620 different students since she started, which works out at roughly a half a million meals. Pat has created many of her own recipes over the years which staff and pupils have all relished e.g. Roast Dinners with crunchy roast potatoes and apple crumble with an added twist.


Pat has made many special meals over her years at Stormont which have included Caribbean lunch for Black History Day, Asian food when our Taiwanese school visitors are here and of course Christmas dinner - when she has catered for up to 170 people in one sitting.


Everyone at Stormont would like to wish Pat a happy, restful retirement and we look forward to inviting her to Christmas lunch in December 2016 when she can for once sit back, relax and enjoy her meal.