Parents of children on autism spectrum--we need you!

16th January 2015

Parents of children/young people with autism, Asperger syndrome and related conditions

Making the Local Offer work

Parents of children/young people 0-25 with ASD needed!

Discussion group 22 January 2015, 11.30am--2pm, at Hackney Learning Trust

We'll be talking about:

•         How you found out that your daughter/son had autism or a related condition?

•         How did you find out about services and support available?

•         What worked and what didn’t?

Lunch provided

£10 voucher paid to participants who book in advance ( and attend from 11.30am--2pm.

Background information:


Hackney's Local Offer is being developed. Eventually it will list all the services usually available to children and young people with all kinds of disabilities and additional needs in Hackney. That's things like health care, school and leisure services, as well as housing, careers and advice. You'll be able to look up the things you need and give feedback about how well they work. The site will be updated regularly to ensure that the information is current. At the moment it is only available on the internet.


You can have a look at the basic site here