Panathalon Multi-Sports Champions 2019

8th February 2019

On Thursday 31 January the students from Year 9 plus Bedirhan Year 10 represented Hackney borough in the first round of the Panathalon East London Multisports Competition at Langdon Academy in East Ham. The team competed against Islington, Tower Hamlets and a very strong team from Newham who were the host team. After a very good performance by everybody the team won the overall competition and qualified for the Champions East London finals competition in March at University of East London Sports Dock.

Some of the highlights from the day included Joel’s standing long jump, he recorded the longest jump ever seen from a Stormont House student – 2 metres and 37 cm!! Shay and DJ had to have the Sports Hall adapted to perform their javelin throw – they were simply throwing over 20 metres!!

Mr Hajdrych was very pleased with all of the students for their excellent effort and team work! Year 9 made Stormont House School and Hackney borough very proud again!

The results:

New Age Curling: Gold medals for Jacob, Joel, Vedel, Cavonte and Dylan / Table Top Cricket: Gold medals for Tallulah S, Tavo, Humza, Mohammed, Jaidon, Adrian, Janai and Bedirhan / Boccia: Gold medals for Ryan, Nguze, Thomas, Lula, Moaya, Zak / Polybat: Gold medals for Shay, Arjun, DJ / Manual Wheelchair Slalom: Silver for Bedirhan / Bean Bag Throw: Silver for Nguze and Thomas / Standing Long Jump: Gold for Joel and Arjun / Javelin: Gold for Shay and DJ