Ocean Maths with Year 7

29th June 2018

On Tuesday 26th June Year 7 had their final Ocean Maths session for this year. Year 7 students and their parents/carers have had three Ocean Maths sessions this year, with the aim to provide activities and ideas for practising Maths at home. The final session was well attended by parents / carers, it was lovely to see students and parents / carers working together on telling the time. The session began by making analogue clocks, visual timetables for after school linked to the time, and finally the group played games that helped them realise how long a minute felt to pass by! It was great to see Year 7’s floss for a minute – a lot of them didn’t realise how long a minute really was until they were tired out from flossing for a whole minute!! Thank you to all the Year 7’s and parents/carers who attended any of the 3 sessions this year – Ms Matthews and Ms Driver hope that everyone who attended the workshops feels more confident in practising Maths at home!