Learning about Animal Habitats at London Zoo with Year 9

9th November 2018

Mr Nelson has recently organised two school trips with Year 9 to visit London Zoo as part of their Science curriculum. The theme of the visit was ‘Adaptions’ - How do animals cope with extreme temperatures or defend themselves from predators? The students looked at how animals adapt to their environment both in the zoo and in the wild. They were introduced to the Meerkats (Slender-tailed) from the Kalahari Desert in Africa and were able to find out how they live as families, stand guard to protect one another from predators and how they take care of one another. The students also saw the colony of Humboldt penguins, they found out the following facts: they love cleaning themselves and their friends. When preening they gather oil from a gland in their tail and then apply this to their feathers – like penguin hair gel! / the penguins never chew with their mouth open because they don’t chew at all! They swallow their fish head first / A Humboldt penguin can reach up to 30 miles per hour in the water! The Year 9’s had a wonderful time at the zoo and came away with lots of interesting facts.