November 2016 Jack Petchey Award Winner

16th December 2016

Matthew was chosen for the Jack Petchey award for November 2016 for the outstanding progress that he has made this year, personally, socially and academically. Matthew sets an impeccable example of behaviour to everyone.


Matthew is a popular member of his class, always full of good humour and ready to smile. He manages to do this every day without fail. He tries very hard with his work and is able to tell someone clearly if he needs any help.


He works well in a team and is kind hearted enough to help out, often unasked, in any situation. Matthew works hard, tries his best and doesn't give up when he hits a stumbling block. His motto is “If you're stuck, don't give up."


Finally, no one can match his dance moves. Matthew brings a smile to everyone’s faces every day- you really have to see him dance. We are all very proud of his achievements.