News Update - Headteacher 19.06.20

19th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you for everything you are doing to keep your children safe and engaged in learning wherever possible.


Exam and accreditation results for Year 11 and 12 students

Exams are very different this year, and it has taken a huge amount of work to make sure that everything is in place so our students get the right results. Thank you to all teachers, subject leaders and Ms Fallis in the admin team for making sure that we met every request from all the examination boards to submit the right information at the right time. There will now be a moderation process by the Exam Boards before outcomes are agreed and published. We will keep you posted on this.


Next week: Supporting transition for Year 11

All Year 11 students have been invited into school next week to help them make a proper transition into the next stages of their education.  We know that some students are unable to attend but we expect as many as possible to be here on

  • Year 11 Tues 23 and Weds 24 June


Please respond to any texts or calls that you receive about these final days in school so that we have a clear idea on numbers. Speaking personally, I will be delighted to see the Year 11s again. We will also be welcoming 2 new students who will be joining our Sixth Form and are very keen to meet the other Year 11s.


Reminder: Supporting transition for Year 12

A reminder that the transition support days for Year 12 are

  • Tues 30 June and Weds 1 July


We have invited every Y12 student to attend, for what will be their farewell to the school. We will, of course, be checking up on their progress next year and look forward to seeing them in person when they call back to see us, but Wednesday 1 July will be the last day for Year 12s.


Face-to-face support for Year 10

Year 10s have lost a lot of time on their exam courses and nobody really knows yet how next year will be affected. This week form tutors have been contacting parents/carers to invite all Year 10s into school for face-to-face support with the rest of their class. During the day we will check in with how students are processing what is going on around them and how they are managing to access their work.  We will be making sure that each year 10 student is able to access Mathletics, Microsoft Teams and other work that has been set.

  • 10G should attend on Friday 26th June
  • 10M should attend On Monday 29th June


We look forward to welcoming Year 10 back into school on those dates.


Further support for Year 10s not accessing or completing work set.

Following the days above, we hope all Year 10s will be able to access leaning remotely online and via the home learning packs.  If any Year 10 is not engaging with the work may need to call them into school with their parents/ carers for a meeting to understand why. Obviously we hope this will not be necessary as it would be an inconvenience to parents/carers.


Face-to-face support to other classes

We will closely review the safety and organisational aspects of the days with Years 10, 11 and 12 whilst planning out the remaining 4 weeks of this term. We are hoping for every student to be able to spend a day in school with their classmates before the end of term, so will be back in touch soon.


Reminder: Support using Microsoft Teams: a message from Mr Mole

If students and their parents/carers are having problem getting onto Teams, please go to the Home Learning Area of the School website where I have added a new page called Office 365 and Teams with extra guidance and a link to the Microsoft  Office website.


If you still have problems, please let your child’s form tutor know (or any staff contacting you)



Additional food parcels

I am glad to say that about 20 families collected food parcels provided by the school this week.  These are in addition to the weekly free school meals vouchers. Even if you are not technically entitled to free school meals, we understand that your situation may have changed through furlough, redundancy or reduced income.  When you receive your weekly call from school, please let them know you’d like Ms Napier to ring you, so you can discuss any change in circumstances.



With my warmest best wishes




Kevin McDonnell