National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

16th March 2018

On Friday 9 March a team from Stormont House took part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships - the biggest event of its kind in the world. The competition was held at Lea Valley Athletics Centre. Over 2500 young people from across the UK took part. Our students had to face fierce competition from other schools/clubs.

The students from Stormont House won a variety of medals. Mr Hajdrych was delighted with the students’ achievements as many of them managed to row fast enough to beat their previoius personal best results. It was truly a remarkable success. The students that represented Stormont House were:

Arjun               Bronze medal

D’yah               Bronze medal

Pinar                4th position

Lesny               Silver medal

Moses              5th position

Malachi           5th position

Victoria           4th position

Brett                Gold medal

Tyson               Silver medal

Mr Hajdrych was very proud of everyone and he is looking forward to seeing Stormont competing at the Nationals again next year. In July 2018 the students from Stormont will be taking part in the London Youth Games Indoor Rowing at National Athletics Centre in Crystal Palace as part of the Hackney Team. It will be another test for the team as they will have to face 32 other boroughs of London.