Mossbourne Experience

16th October 2015

Since the beginning of the Autumn term 2014 Lorell from the current Year 11 has been experiencing what it is like to attend a mainstream school for selected lessons. Last year she attended Mossbourne Academy on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to undertake PSD lessons and this year she is attending the Academy on Friday’s to continue with PSD. She would like to increase her experience by undertaking lessons in either English or ICT.


Lorell has really enjoyed her experience - she likes how the students get on with their work, she feels that the pupils and staff have been really welcoming towards her and they have made her feel a part of their class.


In the last year Lorell has become an independent traveller and travels to and from her home by herself. She has proved that she knows what to do in an emergency - at the beginning of September her bus got caught up in a traffic jam which had been caused by an accident at Stamford Hill. Lorell called her father and asked him to call school to inform us that she wouldn’t be in school as all buses were being re-routed. She proved that she can make the right decisions when things happen that are out of her control. Well Done Lorell!