Covid 19 Update

23rd March 2020

Date: 20/03/20


Dear Parent/Carers


I am very sorry to write to you with urgent change of plan.


We need to arrange a deep clean of the school building as a precautionary measure. Although there are NO confirmed cases of Corona Virus in school, we have been advised by the Local Authority that this is a necessary step because of the symptoms of some individual staff who are currently sick. The deep clean is even more important because we are planning to run an ongoing service for our most vulnerable students, and we need to take all reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of infection to staff and students.


Therefore, the school will be closed to ALL staff and students on MONDAY 23rd and TUESDAY 24th March.


What happens next?


Government advice is that children should remain at home unless it is safer for them to be in school or they are the children of key workers who would be unable to ensure they are looked after at home. Due to rising staff absence, we will need to focus our offer onto these groups once the school reopens.  


On Wednesday 25th March the school will be open to the targeted group of our most vulnerable students and the children of keyworkers, as described in government guidance. You will had discussion with the school and know by now if your child is included in this list. All other children should remain at home.


On Thursday 26th March we will be back in touch about provision for the following week, including work for Year 11 and 12 students.


Your sincerely,



Kevin McDonnell