London Transport Museum - Early Morning Explorer Sessions

12th October 2018

The London Transport Museum is opening its doors for families with Special Educational Needs (SEN), including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the museum is opening outside their regular hours, on Saturday 27 October and Saturday 15 December 2018 - the museum will be open from 8:30 onwards, the general public are allowed in from 10am. Families will be able to enjoy the Museum at a quieter time, free from the general public, and with many of the gallery sounds turned off. On 27/10/18 the museum is hosting a ‘Battle Bus Exclusive’ where families will be able to find out about the huge changes that people and transport in London went through during the First World War. You will also get the opportunity to climb on board the museum battle bus (not normally available to visitors).On 15/12/18 visitors will be able to experience a wide variety of Christmas activities. Admission is free for all under 18’s adults would pay a standard entry rate (see website for details). To make a booking please call 020 7565 7298 (advance booking is highly recommended).