Lanya Junior High Annual Visit

25th September 2015

On Monday 6 July our friends from Lanya Junior High School from Taiwan came to visit Stormont House School for the third year in a row. This year the group consisted of 21 pupils and 3 members of staff led by Ms Alice Lai the Taipei Connecting Classrooms coordinator.


The Lanya students were able to experience a range of subjects from our curriculum including - Art and Design (Batik Art), PE, Food Technology and Maths. Our students enjoyed learning more about the Taiwanese culture from the Lanya students who had created PowerPoints about their lives in Taipei. The Lanya students led a creative session on Chinese Calligraphy and papercutting which is one of the most popular decorative Chinese handicrafts.


On Tuesday 7 July, our Year 7 students and the Lanya group travelled to Southend for the day, where they were able to experience a typical English seaside resort. All of the students went onto Southend Pier which is the longest pier in the world at 1.34 miles in length.


On Wednesday 8 July the Lanya students visited the Hackney Museum with Mrs Napier to view exhibits about Hackney through the ages. The pupils were able to dress up in traditional costumes from the Victorian era. On their return the students joined the Indoor Rowing / Wheelchair Basketball Club to experience an after school provision. They had joined in with our Cricket Club on Monday and had thoroughly enjoyed playing a sport which is considered to be the national sport in Taiwan.


On Thursday 9 July, Year 7 and the Lanya group travelled to Legoland in Windsor to experience an English theme Park.

On their last day with us the Lanya students experienced a day full of creativity and excitement with sessions that included drama, circus skills and music. To end their visit the Lanya students put on a performance for the whole school, the students performed pieces on the piano, drums and recorders with a finale performed by two of the boys who showed their prowess at diablo juggling.


A gift ceremony took place on the final afternoon where the Stormont House and Lanya students exchanged gifts. We are looking forward to Ms Lai bringing another group of students in July 2016.