Japanese Visitors Prepare for the Paralympics

16th June 2017

On Tuesday 13th June, Stormont House School was honoured to receive Mr Hirotada Ototake and Mr Hiroshi Itakura on a fact-finding visit. Mr Itakura is the first secretary for Education and Sport at the Embassy of Japan in London. Mr Ototake is a well-known sports writer in Japan. He was born without arms or legs due to a genetic disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome and became famous in Japan for his best-selling memoir, ‘No-One’s Perfect’. The visit was a part of the research which the Japanese Olympic committee are undertaking to find out how the Olympics impacted on the participation in sport by students in schools in London and how they can try to make sure that the Olympics which will be in Japan in 2020 will leave a long standing impact on the sporting participation of the students in their country.

Mr Alan Walsh (Sports Coordinator with Hackney Learning Trust) led the discussion with our two visitors, Stormont House was represented by Mr McDonnell and Mr Hajdrych who both spoke about the impact the Olympics had on students from our school. The visitors were given a tour and were able to see a PE lesson where students from 10F undertook a game of wheelchair basketball. Our guests were very impressed by what they saw and the information they received about our experiences.