Jack Petchey Award Winner March 2018

27th April 2018

The Jack Petchey Award winner for March 2018 is Gabrielle from 7M, she was selected for the award by Ms Swaffield. Gaby is a cheerful, caring and unfailingly polite member of the school who shows enthusiasm for everything she does. As a member of the tutor group she is supportive of her classmates, showing a great willingness to help others when they are struggling, she can be relied upon to see the best in everyone and everything. Gaby loves to talk, to dance, to play, to share ideas and she has a very generous spirit; in February Gaby took the brave step of cutting off her long hair to raise money for The Little Princess Trust, something that impressed everyone at Stormont House. More recently, Gaby showed bravery and great team work skills during the Year 7 trip to Woodrow High House. In the Year 7 Easter play she worked hard to learn her lines and songs and she helped those around her during rehearsals and in the final performance. Ms Swaffield felt that Gaby really deserved the Jack Petchey Award for being such a great role model to her peers.