Jack Petchey Award Winner - February

16th March 2018

Fabio (12C) was nominated for the February Jack Petchey Award for his consistent positive contribution to every aspect of Sixth Form and school life.

Fabio is a very talented young man who seems to be able to turn his hand to almost anything. He in particular shows his talent and positive influence in sport where he is a key player in any team and displays the attributes of a true Sportsman. He is the Sixth Form’s true gentleman and is always there to greet students and staff with a smile. He is the first to hold a door open for someone and never forgets his manners.

Fabio has only been at the school a short while but his impact has been huge and he is someone that everyone wants to be around. We are so proud of Fabio and extremely happy he joined Stormont House School at the start of Year 12. Well done Fabio!