Dear Members of Year 9

First of all, I hope you are all doing OK and all keeping well and safe. I am thinking of you all.

We recently visited the Holocaust Exhibition at The Imperial War Museum.
After our visit I was asked by one of Sarah's colleagues at the museum called  Clare Lawlor, to feedback some of your ideas and comments about the museum. We had a long chat on the phone. She says she would really love to hear your comments to help the Museum to improve the new exhibition on the Holocaust, which will open next year (fingers crossed).

I told her a little bit about what we had discussed in our lessons last week and told her your suggestions. She was pleased and grateful for them.

I suggested that the audio guide will be much better with numbers on the exhibits as you said, and also about the lights being much too dim. She agreed. Then I had an idea. What about if you all help to create a version of the audio guide which will be really  easy  and clear  for students from other schools to understand.

To start with please can you help me by writing or typing  some of your own ideas and comments  about our visit to the Holocaust exhibition in your own words so I can pass them on the Clare.

You can think of it like writing a letter. We can record your own message laterand  Mr Mole will help to set this up.

If course you can always write it on paper, draw a picture and bring it to school when you come back.

 First of all think about what helped you really well to learn something new-maybe like the story behind the clockwork bear and Paul Sondhoff the little boy who had to hide in a cupbard for four years.

Then may be suggest some new ideas - what about if there were real actors there to help guide you round the exhibition?Would you look to be able to touch and handle many more  of the things instead of seeing most of them behind glass?
Would you like a visitors book to leave your comment or question at the museum.

I remember one of you climbing into a sort of enclosed space -but I wasn't sure if it was "allowed "but what about the museum  having reconstructed areas where you could feel you were there yourself- it would be really useful to get an impression maybe even if it was hard to create.

Any way here goes.Please can you put your ideas down on a document and we will let you know where to save it on the school distance learning platform or send it to us via email.
You don't have to write or say very much but everything will help. So to sum up: make a comment about

  1. What I liked.
  2. What worked well.
  3. What I remember
  4. Why not try this .... ( suggest a new idea)
  5. And also mention what you think didn't work well for you -
Or write a poem or a song or a tune-a piece of art work or animation. Imagine drawing that poor little boy in a cupboard - what did he see, hear, feel or miss?
Good luck. THANK YOU! This is not just your Humanities  home/school  work, but it will really help other students from all over the whole country to learn and understand more about the Holocaust especially if you can help the museum to make it clear and easy to understand such a sad and terrible time in history.

All best wishes from

Miss Cross