Houses of Parliament Indoor Rowing Showcase

16th September 2016

Stormont House School attended the 2016 Parliamentary Boat Race that took place on 14 September 2016 at The House of Lords. We were invited by London Youth Rowing. It was a privilege to be selected to attend the event to represent schools in London. Lesny, Malachi, Victoria, Kevin, Tekia, Tyson and D’yah represented our school.


The day raised funds for charity and featured boats from London Youth Rowing.  The final event was a showdown between a boat of MP’s against a boat of Peers.  Our adaptive rowing display showcased disability rowing to the host of spectators, and there was an auction for charity at the end of the afternoon.


Spectators could watch the races from the House of Lords Terrace Pavilion whilst enjoying afternoon tea.  It was a fantastic afternoon and great experience for all participants.