Houses of Parliament - Elections and Voting

16th December 2016

On Wednesday 14th December Year 11 students went to visit the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. The students were given a tour of the building including a visit inside both the House of Commons and the House of Lords while the MPs and Peers were debating important issues. They stood together for photos in St Stephen’s Hall in the same place that Nelson Mandela had stood to deliver his speech to Parliament when he visited Westminster on 11 July 1996. The students took part in a workshop about elections and voting, they had to create a manifesto and then hold an election using a real ballot box.


The students were lucky to have a bright blue sky as the background to the stunningly impressive Palace and were also to see it lit up beautifully as they left quite late in the afternoon. It was a very long day, well done to everyone who went on the journey.


Who knows – we might see a Stormont House student working at Westminster one day?! Maybe as a future Prime Minister.