Headteachers Latest Update

18th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

As we reach the end of a terrific week in school, there are a few updates I’d like to share with you

Almost all students have returned to school

Today we had all six Year Groups in school and we only had 1 unauthorised absence among 133 students: amazing! My thanks to the staff for making the return work so smoothly, and to you for entrusting your children to us.

Staff and students needing to quarantine

We have had a small number of students and staff need to remain at home for a few days until either they or family member received negative covid-19 test results.  Thankfully, all test results so far have been negative, but there has sometimes been a delay in getting them.  The school needs to see a copy of the negative test before the student returns (a photo is fine).

Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?

If anyone in your household has any of the coronavirus symptoms, they need to order a test here.

Coronavirus symptoms are:

  •          a high temperature
  •          a new, continuous cough
  •          a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

You can get a test for someone you live with if they have these symptoms. Do not get tests for people you live with who do not have these symptoms.

The BBC have produced a short guide on how to identify these symptoms compared to a cold or flu. E.g. if you have a fever, you need to get tested, but not if you only have a runny nose.

Your child’s timetable

Your child should be bringing home a copy of their timetable today and you should also receive one by email.

Practical lessons from Monday 21st September

Next week we will be reintroducing practical subject lessons, which is very exciting!  Classes will remain in their form rooms for most lessons and teachers will move to them. Every time students move a new classroom e.g. for a practical lesson, they will cleanse their hands with sanitiser and their seat and table will be wiped down. They’ll do the same when they return to their form room.

PE lessons and wearing PE kit

To avoid difficulties in students getting changed for PE, during this period they should come to school in their PE kit rather than usual school uniform. This only applies on the day(s) that your child has PE!

The PE kit is

  •          Plain white T-shirt or polo shirt
  •          Plain black or dark grey tracksuit bottoms
  •          Plain black or white trainers or plimsolls
  •          The school sweatshirt should also be worn and removed when necessary.

Sports clothes or shoes of other colours or with highly visible logos etc are not acceptable.

Bubble Buddies

In order to allow staff to better teach and support your child’s learning, we have rearranged classroom tables wherever possible into a ‘U’ shape to allow greater staff movement whilst keeping a safe distance where possible.  Students have been paired into ‘Bubble Buddies’:

Bubble Buddies

  •          will stick together in all their lessons apart from a very few where things need to be different e.g. seating plan in DT.
  •          Even then we will keep Bubble Buddies together as far as possible.
  •          The seating plan will be on the wall and on SharePoint so all staff can access it.
  •          If space allows some students to sit on their own, they will still have a Bubble Buddy to sit with for paired work activities (and then return to their own desk)


Timing of the school day

We are currently liaising with the transport sections of several local authorities with the intention of school finishing at 3.25 (3pm Fridays) from Monday 28th September.  We will update you when these changes have been confirmed. School will finish at 3pm Monday-Friday week commencing Monday 21st September.


Best wishes

Kevin McDonnell