Hackney Schools Music and Dance Festival 2016

8th July 2016

Stormont House School students have been participating in the Hackney Schools Music and Dance Festival for the last 18 years. This year, the nineteenth year of the Festival, continued to be one of the largest gatherings of Hackney students where each student is able to celebrate their own musical achievements. 


The festival took place over two weeks starting from Tuesday 28 June and finishing on Friday 8 July 2016, during which time approximately 4,500 students descended on the Round Chapel Performing Arts Centre in Lower Clapton to delight the audiences made up of parents / carers and family guests with their talents and creativity. The festival included singing, dancing and instrumental music.


Ms Cross was very impressed by the 22 students who sang at the Round Chapel for the Hackney Singing Festival on Thursday 30th June.  Our students were singing in a group of over 150 students from nine other schools.  They sang an amazing selection of songs styles ranging from Rap, Folk, Gospel and Ballads, to songs from High School Musical and the Little Shop of Horrors. All the students sang their hearts out from 2pm until 6.20pm with only a short break for tea. They also sang a beautiful traditional song in Urdu and ‘El Condor Passa’ in Spanish. All of the staff were very pleased with the magnificent singing, the exemplary behaviour and participation of all of the students.