Hackney Junior Citizenship Scheme - Safety first!

20th January 2017

On Thursday 12 January as part of the Schools work with TfL Stars we were given the opportunity for some of our students to visit Hackney Museum and take part in a “Safety and Citizenship” workshop run by the TfL Junior Citizenship Scheme team and the Red Cross. 9C and 10W were the classes chosen to attend this workshop and on arrival were split into teams. They then took part in various activities such as basic First Aid, safety on the buses and trains, fire safety, road safety, knife safety and dog safety. The sessions were run by the TfL team, Wood Green Animal Shelter, the Red Cross, London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police.

While they took part in these activities the teams were being scored on their enthusiasm and quality of questioning. Each team received a certificate and fluorescent bag for all their hard work, but it was the ‘Tall team’ that showed the most enthusiasm and had the best questions. The students all behaved very well and were brilliant representatives for our school. Well done 9C and 10W!