GOLD STAR SUCCESS - Transport for London STARS Accreditation

15th September 2017

We received news this week from TfL that Stormont House School has achieved the ‘Gold Level Accreditation’ in the TfL STARS programme. Over the last three years our team of ambassadors, aided by Ms Napier, have completed 25 different travel activities, 15 supporting activities and 8 consultation activities. By achieving this accreditation we are among the top 10% of London schools who set high standards to inspire others to transform their travel habits and fully engage with the wider community to promote best practices. The travel ambassadors have worked tirelessly to embed travel themes across the school, including - travel audits and research (a road survey carried out by Year 7 last year), Bicycle Training Day, After School Cycle Club and the independent travel programme. Keep up the good work!

STARS - Sustainable Travel; Active, Responsible, Safe