Gaby's Kitchen

7th July 2017


For the last six Monday afternoons Year 12 and 10W have taken part in a healthy

eating and cooking project run by Gaby’s Kitchen. Gaby’s Kitchen are an

organisation who help people in Hackney learn the skills of healthy cooking

and eating by providing free, educational and fun cookery courses, incorporating

advice on nutrition.


Year 12 and 10W learnt how to prepare meals fom scratch, which included

planning a meal on a budget and making sure that the meal was healthy.

They made curry, fajitas, salads, healthy cheesecake and enjoyed eating every

mouthful. The students learnt about the sugars in food and how sugar affects your


All the students who took part were brilliant and the staff at Gaby’s Kitchen were

very impressed with how well behaved the students were and how well they all