Flyers Hockey SEN Tournament Champions: 04/05/17

12th May 2017

For the first time Stormont House School took part in the annual ‘Flyers Hockey SEN Tournament’ at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Hockey and Tennis Centre. The competition was between teams from schools in several London boroughs: Drumbeat, Highshore, Tuke, Beatrice Tate, George Greens, Morpeth, Treehouse and Whitefield. There were two competitions running alongside each other: Pro for those students who are improving their hockey skills and Expert for those students who can already play at good standard.

Our students performed fantastically. Their great team work was the key to their success. Our Pro and Expert teams successfully won both competitions and brought 2 beautiful trophies back to school.

Mr Hajdrych was extremely proud of their achievement. In the final game the Year 9 students (Expert team) had to face Year 11 opposition. It was a tough game but the Stormont House teamwon 2:0!

Expert Team                                      Pro Team:

Nanak 9C                                              Jojo 9C

Malachi 9C                                            Matthew 9C

Shane 9L                                               Holly 9C

Ayadh 9L                                               Conor 9L

Lesny 9L                                               James 8N

                                                            Aesha 8M