Five Guys Named Moe

23rd February 2018


On Thursday 8 February, Year 11 went to see ‘Five Guys Named Moe’ at the Marble Arch Theatre. This dynamic musical performance has a simple plot with its roots in a musical from the 1940s; it was presented in a specially designed theatre-in-the-round at Marble Arch, the students and staff had front row seats.

The Plot

Nomax, whose girlfriend has left him and who is without money, finds Big Moe, Four-Eyed Moe, Eat Moe, No Moe, and Little Moe emerging from his 1930s-style radio to comfort him and give him much-needed advice. They sing the hit songs of songwriter and saxophonist Louis Jordan, whose new slant on jazz paved the way for ‘rock and roll’ in the 1950s.

What the Students Thought…

The students showed their enthusiasm and appreciation for this performance by dancing in their seats throughout, cheering and clapping on the beat, and even joining the conga line (a Cuban carnival dance).

Here’s what they had to say afterwards –


“We liked the dancing, the twerking, the drumming, and the new Calypso Be-bop – a beautiful song! The fox was excellent. We loved all of it! Push-ka-pi–shi Pi, Eh – eh/ Push-ka-pi–shi Pi, Eh – eh …”


“My favourite was Little Moe, he had loads of energy – and I loved the conga line!”


“The spinning dance floor was really good – especially for the running bit, with the five guys chasing Nomax.”


“When Nomax clicked his fingers and the ‘Bar’ light came on at exactly the same time – that was excellent!”


“Smart Moe high-fived Lia!”


“I loved Big Moe – and Eat Moe, and Four-Eyed Moe. They were all handsome.”


“We want to watch it again, Miss. If only they had a movie of it – or a soundtrack! And, we really want to meet the actors.”


“We would recommend it to Miss Driver because she really likes acting.”


There’s definitely an enthusiasm here in these comments and we hope to harness this for some analysis, writing of reviews and Speaking & Listening assessments. Well Done Year 11.