Connecting Classrooms - Lanya Junior High School

24th February 2017

Since 2009 Stormont House School has been linked to Lanya Junior High School in Taipei, Taiwan as part of the ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project. Each year our Year 7/8 students create links to their pen pals at Lanya - initially by writing letters introducing themselves. This progresses to regular SKYPE calls where the students get to talk face to face to their pen pals - swopping information about their hobbies, favourite subjects and foods etc. Recently we received cards and ‘red envelopes’ to celebrate the Chinese new year of the rooster. A red envelope contains money that is given to children by their parents and grandparents to celebrate New Year. The red envelopes sent to our students contained a pretend $500 note.

In July this year we will be welcoming our friends from Lanya Junior High as they will be visiting us for 5 days - it is a way of our students being able to experience Taiwanese culture and giving the Lanya students a taste of what it is like to be a student at Stormont House School.