Election Day News

9th June 2017

Students in 10F and 10W have worked really hard in recent weeks to prepare for and organise the Stormont House General Election that took place on Thursday 8th June. They advertised the event with posters, prepared a list of voters, made a ballot box and on the day set up a Polling Station in the school. In lessons students had the opportunity to learn more about the candidates standing in the Hackney North Constituency and what they promised to do if they were elected as a Member of Parliament. They looked at the Party manifestos and discussed the different ideas offered. We invited all of the local candidates to come along to see the students and one, the Green party candidate, Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, was able to come and enjoyed meeting and chatting to many of our students.

On the day the Year 10 students were in charge of making sure everyone knew how to complete the ballot form and vote and make a valid vote. Great team work Year 10!