Easter Assembly

21st April 2017

On Thursday 30 March, the Year 7 classes performed the ‘Easter Play’ for the whole school, parents / carers and guests. They had been practising for the performance for weeks - making sure that they all knew their lines and that the stage directions were perfect.  Ms Driver and the Year 7 team were extremely proud of everyone as the performance was a resounding success.

The school band also performed a selection of new material that they had been working on with Mr Harries. Adam (Yr. 12) performed a piece on the trumpet, accompanied by Timothy (Yr. 12) on the piano. Tekla (Yr. 11) sang, Aaron B (Yr. 10) played a piece he had written for the piano and the band (Joshua W (Yr. 11)  and Jorge (Yr. 12) on guitars, Tekla (Yr. 11) on drums and Aaron B (Yr. 10) on piano) performed a new piece with a guest performer - Mr McDonnell.

Videos of the musical performances are being uploaded onto the school website by Mr Harries - keep an eye out for them.