Dove Self Esteem Workshops

16th October 2015

his week 2 projects have come to our school to present thought-provoking sessions to our students. On Tuesday 13 October the Dove Self- Esteem workshops gave students in Years 8-12 the chance to find out how “ideal” images of beauty are created and to build confidence in their physical appearance. Some Yr 11’s said “The way that person in the media looks is fake” and “You can be yourself because we are all different and beautiful in our own way”.


The Chain Reaction Theatre Company came on Thursday 15 October and performed a play about smoking to Year 8 and 9. The lively production used a mix of music, song and sketches to tell the story of Dorothy Gale, who works for the Coughman’s Cigarette Conglomerate and how she discovers facts about smoking and cigarettes in relation to personal health, the environment, the developing world, economics and advertising. Students enjoyed the entertaining show and then took an active part in the drama workshops that followed.