Design Technology

Students follow the AQA Unit Awards in a range of areas of Design Technology.  Students are able to access awards at Entry Level up to Level 2.  This two-year study develops the skills and understanding necessary to complete the final coursework project and covers four key design technology skills:

  • Exploring Craft skills

  • Developing Design Ideas for Craft

  • Create Ideas in Response to a Design Brief

  • Produce and Review Final Craft Work

Students learn about different designers and design movements. Students will gain some understanding on moral, social, economic and environmental issues as designers and also learn how to become more informed and responsible consumers of products.

Students are encouraged to experiment and use a variety of materials and study some industrial processes as well as getting involved with the designing and making process which will entail exploring different craft skills and the use of ICT.

Students create a portfolio including, writing a design brief and specification, carrying out research, developing ideas and planning. The final product is made, tested and evaluated against criteria given in the specification.

Students made a desk tidy from acrylic using the heat bender, created a product Illustration and learnt about 3D Drawings. They also made a box inspired by Pop art and will start the design and making of a Lamp.