Connecting Classrooms with Lanya Junior High School - Taiwan

14th July 2017

On Monday 3 July our friends from Lanya Junior High School, Taipei arrived at Stormont House ready to enjoy a full week of activities and trips. On their first morning the students from both schools started to really get to know one another – sharing stories and experiences. The students from Lanya were able to experience gardening, dance, art, food technology, design technology, English, music, science, P4C and physical education.

On Tuesday morning Year 7 set off with the Lanya group to go to Hampstead Heath, Ms Driver had bought kites to fly on the heath. The weather was perfect for such an adventure and the whole group enjoyed the experience.

On the groups third day the Lanya students shared a side of their Taiwanese culture by showing our students how to write their names using Chinese calligraphy. Year 7 and 8 presented sessions based on living in London. The day included the ‘The London Biscuit Challenge’ and ‘Building a London Structure Challenge’.

On Thursday, Year 8 and the Lanya students travelled to the Olympic site in Stratford to go on a boat trip around the site to see all of the venues that had been used in 2012. They were also lucky enough to be able to go up the ArcelorMittal Orbit to see the views over the site and beyond to the London skyline.

On the last day of Lanya’s visit Ms Driver decided to take everyone to Clissold Park to enjoy the sunshine. Many of the Lanya children said that parks in Taipei were very different to the parks in England. Our parks were great fun for all age groups. They really liked being able to paddle in the paddling pool.

The day was ended with a gift giving presentation and a talent show. All of the students have made great friendships with their pen pals and they can’t wait to chat to them in the new term in September. Ms Lai from Lanya has confirmed that students from Lanya will definitely be visiting again next year. Well Done Year 7 and 8.