Chefs in Schools

15th November 2019

Stormont House School has recently signed up to the ‘Chefs in Schools’ project which was started by Nicole Pisani who had once been the Head Chef at the Soho restaurant ‘Nopi’.

Our new chef is Charles Gabriel. His aim is to implement the ‘Chefs in Schools’ charter, where students will be able to enjoy and learn about fresh and nutritious food, giving our students the skills and knowledge to be able to prepare food for themselves and their families.

The aim of the project is to make lunchtime fun, being bold with fresh, seasonal ingredients which will be sourced locally. Our chef will share his passion for food through coaching lessons that will focus on real food.

We are looking forward to working with Charles – we will keep parents and carers updated with the future developments that will be taking place in our catering at Stormont House.