Celebrating Black History Month

18th October 2019

Staff and children at Stormont House have been celebrating Black History Month (Culture/Arts/Inventions and Achievements) through a variety of activities. On Tuesday 15 October members of staff prepared food for a Caribbean food tasting session: which included Fried plantain, Bun and Cheese, Plantain Chips, Banana Cake, Jerk Chicken, Dumpling and tropical mango juice.

All week the students have been able to go along to the Stormont House Cinema at lunch time to see a screening of Disney Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Spiderman into the Spider Verse’, showcasing Black superheroes on the big screen.

 Year 7Mu were taken by Ms Murphy on Wednesday 16 October to the Hackney Museum where they took part in a workshop based on ‘Hackney’s Got Style: Celebrating the History and Impact of African and Caribbean Fashion and Hair’. The exhibition celebrates the history and impact of African and Caribbean style and hair through the eyes of Hackney people.