Art and Design

All KS4 students will study Art and Design during three 50 minute lessons a week. Art Club will take place after school once a week and students are encouraged to attend.

UAL Level 1 Award

The UAL Level 1 Art, Design and Media course aims to an introduction to Art, Design and Media and help develop a working knowledge of the materials, processes and technology of art and design. Students develop the skills to research, investigate, analyse and experiment using art, craft and design. It provides a broad range of first-hand experience as a starting point for exploration in two and three dimensions. Drawing, painting, print making, textiles, three dimensional construction and ICT packages are all explored to create images for coursework. Students also develop their imaginative powers and the skills to express their ideas, feelings and meanings. It provides an understanding of the language and conventions of art and design and an understanding of the place of art, craft and design in history and society. The two-year UAL qualification is coursework based with no timed exams. Students are encouraged to discuss, review and present their work, as well as organise their time and work to deadlines.

GCSE Art and Design Edexcel

Some students will be selected to develop their work to meet the requirements of GCSE Art and Design. A personal portfolio based on two projects will be developed which will be worth 60% of their final mark. The remaining 40% will be from an external set assignment which is project based and culminates in a 10 hour exam to produce a final piece. Project one for the personal portfolio will be a based on Natural Forms and will enable students to develop a range of practical skills in two dimensions, as well as developing their artist analysis skills, before developing a final ceramic based piece. Project two explores the Urban Environment and students will look at Hackney or more broadly London. Students will carry out initial research using photography before exploring a range of printmaking techniques and printmaking artists. This will inform their development of ideas and end with a final print using a technique of their choice. Throughout their project’s students are required to make written annotations reviewing and reflecting on their work as it progresses.