Annual Flu Immunisation Programme Returns to Stormont House

29th September 2017

Vaccination UK will be visiting Stormont House School on Wednesday 11 October to undertake our annual flu immunisation programme. Flu immunisation consent forms / information packs were sent out on Monday 25 September to all year groups 7-12; if you would like your child to receive the flu vaccination please return your forms to school as soon as possible.

5 reasons to vaccinate your child against flu

  • Protect your child. The vaccine will help protect your child against flu and serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

  • Protect you, your friends and family. Vaccinating your child will help protect more vulnerable friends and family.

  • No injection needed. The nasal spray is painless and easy to have.

  • It’s better than flu. The nasal spray helps protect against flu, it has been given to millions of children worldwide and has an excellent safety record.

  • Avoid costs. If your child gets flu, you may have to take time off work or arrange alternative child care.

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