Alumni News

17th January 2020

We have received some amazing news about one of our ex-students - Natalie who was recently interviewed for the online magazine: ‘Enable’ – www.enable The interview followed Natalie’s journey to employment. Through Mencap Natalie completed a supported internship at the Financial Times newspaper, following on from this very successful placement Natalie was employed by Mencap as a learning disability awareness coordinator.

Natalie felt that by completing the supported internship she was provided with the right guidance that gave her the confidence to go for a full-time position at Mencap.

Natalie stated in the article “I am the person I am today because of the programme co-ordinators. I’ve learned it’s ok to actually have a learning disability and it has made me realise how important it is to show people that you can work.”

In Natalie’s job with Mencap she visits different businesses to raise awareness about what a learning disability is, she would like to see more people with learning disabilities in everyday jobs and feels that by improving the understanding of employers they will support more people with learning disabilities into the work place.

In the picture below you can see Natalie just about to go into the Google Offices to meet with them about young adults with learning disabilities.