Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy and Procedures

Stormont House is a very successful mixed day special school for up to 120 students aged 11-17 who have a complex range of Special Educational Needs (SEN). Most students live in the London Borough of Hackney, but there are currently students on roll from 6 other boroughs across the region.

The admissions procedure follows the SEN Code of Practice: Parents/Carers have the right to express their preference for this school, but the school can only consider pupils for admission that have been referred by their Local Education Authority (LEA) and whose needs fall within our admissions criteria (see below). If the relevant year group is full, the student’s name may be held on an admissions list until a suitable place becomes available. 

All students have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or are undergoing statutory assessment. These needs fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Moderate learning difficulties.
  • Specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalcula, dyspraxia.
  • Emotional vulnerability / emotional and social development.
  • Speech language and communication needs (including language delay/ disorder).
  • Social interaction difficulties including needs on the autistic spectrum such as Asperger Syndrome.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Sensory impairments (visual impairment, deaf/ partial hearing).
  • Mental health difficulties that have been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment.
  • Physical impairments (including gross/ fine motor control difficulties; ataxia; hemiplegia, diplegia).
  • Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (but not where these are the primary statemented need).

Most students at the school experience difficulties in learning due to the combined effects of their complex special educational needs.


Stormont House School is designed to meet the Equalities Act 2010 requirements.


The process for resolving disagreements with the contents of an Education, Health and Care Plan, including placement decisions is set out in pages 244-272 of the SEND Code of Practice


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