A Musical Extravaganza with the Apollo Orchestra

10th June 2016
Members of the Apollo Orchestra visited the Year 8 Music classes for three weeks in May 2016. In the first week the brass section visited with musicians playing the trumpet, trombone, French horn and tuba. They showed the students how to make a sound using a length of hose pipe and a funnel. In the second visit the students were introduced to musicians from the woodwind section of the orchestra who played the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and several saxophones. The final visit was from the string section and included musicians who played the violin, viola and cello. On each occasion, the musicians showed everyone how their instruments worked. They then played a selection of different orchestral and modern music ranging from Carmen, Swan Lake and Tango to the Simpsons theme tune. A highlight was when the strings played a surprise arrangement of “Let it go!” from Frozen, to which two students sang. The musicians were impressed by how much our students knew about instruments and also how well they listened. Well done 8C and 8A for asking some excellent questions. Year 8 will be going to watch the Apollo Orchestra in concert at the Hackney Empire in July.