A Message from the Speech and Language Therapy Team

10th March 2017

There have been exciting changes to the Speech and Language Therapy Team lately, Ms May, Ms Burn and Ms Latham are now based at Stormont House School and working with students to meet their communication goals. Ms Andrysewicz is now supporting the team and running some great lunchtime groups, individual and small group interventions. Malachi and Nanak have started in their role as Word Ambassadors for Year 9 and are promoting ‘The Word of the Week’ around school.

COMMUNICATION TIP OF THE WEEK- Emotions: Support young people to express their emotions by talking about your own feelings (good and bad). Using this language gives your child the words they need to speak about their own feelings. E.g. I am feeling happy today. We have finished our work project and it is the weekend where I am looking forward to spending time with you.. or I am feeling angry because dad forgot to put the rubbish out! After labelling the emotion, consider discussing a strategy that you will use to get regulate yourself when appropriate. E.g. to calm down I am going to listen to some relaxing music, talk to Nanna, have a piece of chocolate cake. We all have different things that make us feel better at different times. The more we talk about emotions as a family, the more our children will be open to do so too.

Ms May, Speech and Language Therapist