Shakespeare in Schools – The Tempest

22nd November 2019

On Thursday 14 November, members of both Year 8 classes took part in a very special performance at the Stratford Circus Arts theatre, organised by the Shakespeare in Schools Festival. The students have been working on preparing a performance of “The Tempest” since September, rehearsing every week and learning their lines and songs. During the performance Year 8 sang a number of rousing songs including a sea shanty, a Warwickshire folk song, a well-known German song and a French song. Albert, who performed as Ariel sang an authentic song from Shakespeare’s era – “Full Fathom Five” as a solo, he did amazingly, and it is fair to say he mastered a few skilful dance moves as well.


The lead role of Prospero was ably played by Juwon, who injected magic into the evening by conjuring up a storm and playing tricks on his brother Antonio (Destiny) and Alonso (Kervel and Metin) who had wronged him long ago. Alonso’s villainous brother Sebastian was played by Emanuel. Prospero’s daughter Miranda was played by D’Angel. The comical duo of Alisha as Stephano and Leona as Trinculo had a merry slap-stick time, while Kali-Jade held the stage as a very convincing and entertaining Caliban. Kind Gonzalo was played by Cameron and Ferdinand by Corey.  All the members of Year 8 who attended, performed on stage as the ship’s crew as well as the ensemble. The whole show was a success thanks to the hard work of our students and the tremendous team effort of Stormont House staff back stage and during preparations. Ms Cross would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Collymore, Ms Jovi, Ms Heaton, Mr Oddie, Mr Calvin and Ms McKell. Back at school we are extremely grateful for the logistical support of Ms Jessie, Ms Foster and Mrs Crossland for enabling rehearsal time and to Ms Wallis and Elinor for their help and support during Expressive Arts time. Thanks are due to David Harries for his brilliant arrangement and mixing of the music for the sound track.


Ms Cross was very proud of the achievement of our Year 8 students and thanks everyone for their hard work. It has been a pleasure to see how far all of the students have come in their journey towards creating this very successful production.