8C – Our Impact on the Natural World

15th March 2019

Year 8 have been working hard in their PSD (Personal Social Development) lessons on their ‘Rights and Responsibilities’. The students have looked at their responsibilities to our planet and its oceans. Each student looked at the dangers that are affecting the planet e.g. plastic.

Ms Tripp worked with the Year 8’s to help them explain all their hard work to the rest of the school in the weekly assembly. One of their questions was: ‘What do you think we can do to stop our plastic from ending up in the oceans and harming marine life?’ The students gave a variety of helpful suggestions including: Carry a reusable bottle, say no to plastic straws, avoid pointless packaging and say no to disposable cutlery.

As part of their project the students were set the task of designing a poster to encourage others to make better choices to reduce their use of plastic. The winners of the poster competition were Jose, Callum, Angelina and Anthony.

Well done Yr. 8 for all your wonderful work.