The School Day

Number of places

The school has places for over 100 pupils. There are ten classes of 10 pupils in the school covering years 7 to 11 and a Sixth Form with a flexible intake.

Class sizes and staffing

Each class of 10 pupils is taught by 1 teacher and one Teaching Assistant. There are usually two Teaching Assistants if any pupils in the class have an ongoing physical condition that affects their learning, or require transitional or additional support. This differs from the primary mainstream model of individual Learning Support Assistants attached to particular pupils for a certain number of hours. This level of staffing allows pupils to be grouped flexibly in order to meet their needs, which may vary between subjects or topics. This applies to English, Maths, Humanities, RE, PSHCE, Music, Literacy, and PE (also ASDAN and Ca-reers at Key Stage 4)

There are six lessons in each school day, starting with a structured Literacy session for every class. Each class is assigned a form teacher, who is responsible for the students’ pastoral care.


A communal assembly for the whole school is held every Friday afternoon at 2:55

Timing of the School Day

School opens to pupils

8.30 am

Breakfast served

(free to all pupils)

8.45 am

Morning registration by Teachers

8.55 am

Lessons start

9.00 am

Morning break

10.40 am—11.00 am

Lunch break

12.40 pm—1.40 pm

Lunch served

12.40 pm—1.10 pm

School finishes

3.30 pm