Student Information


Stormont House Year 12 students are not expected to wear the school’s uniform but are expected to look smart.

Here are some suggestions:

BOYS: shirt, smart trousers, smart shoes, pullover or cardigan

GIRLS: skirt or dress, smart trousers, blouse, pullover or cardigan, smart shoes

NO tracksuits, leggings, shorts or trainers

NO jewellery, this includes chains, bracelets, rings and large hooped earrings. The only exception is small studs and small hooped earrings.


Year 12 students will carry Stormont House School ID photo cards and fobs which will allow the students to move around the school freely and allow them to enter and exit the school building if permitted and when appropriate.

Secure storage and equipment

All year 12 students will have use of a locker to store personal belongings adjacent to their area of study. Students will be given a key upon a deposit of £10 which also includes the ID card and school fob.

Sixth Form Code of Conduct

Work hard and reach their goals

Do the right thing

Treat people the way they want to be treated

Take responsibility for their own actions and try to put things right

Be in the right place at the right time

Take care of themselves and what’s around them

Be a team player

Don’t be afraid to be themselves

Let people have space

Be sensible in class and in any learning environment

Respect people’s opinions

Be appropriate

Show initiative

Be confident in their ability


The students expect Stormont House to

Offer different experiences

Make subjects interesting

Provide different types of reading materials

Support with learning

Provide emotional support

Treat students as equals

Support us with our independence