Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son or daughter have to apply for a place in the school’s sixth form?

If your son or daughter is attending the school in Year 11, then they will automatically have the option to stay on in the school’s sixth form. Students and parents complete a Preference Form during the Spring term of Year 11 confirming their wish to stay on.


How is my son or daughter’s place funded?

As your son or daughter has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, their place in the school will continue to be funded through the Local Education Authority. Your son or daughter will continue to be funded for their education until they are 25.


What is a ‘Full time Study Programme’?

A Full time study programme after the age of 16 has to be a minimum of 18 hours a week in order to get funding. The Study programme that Stormont House School Sixth Form offers will be a minimum of 20 - 25 hours, as our students will be in education or work experience placements for five days each week. Our programme will consist of Maths, English, ICT and/or Computing, a vocational qualification, BTEC Workskills and work experience


My son or daughter currently receives free school meals (FSM), will this continue in the sixth form?

Yes. Students who stay on at school after 16 will continue to receive their FSM entitlement.


What are my son or daughter’s options after Year 12?

From 2015 all young people are required to remain in either education, training or employment until they are 18. Your son or daughter will have the option to attend a college full time, start a pre or full Apprenticeship programme, a supported Internship or some other employment with training. Throughout their Year 12, your son or daughter will receive lots of guidance and advice about their options and next steps (towards further education, training or employment).


What do I do if my son or daughter has any problems?

Stormont House School Sixth Form will make sure your child is comfortable and happy throughout their education at school and during their course at college. If there are any issues you can do the following:

  • Call Stormont House School on 02089854245 and ask for either Miss Waters or Miss Napier and they will address the issue.